What to wear to your photo shoot !

What to wear is a topic that some people think about before the shoot and some don’t. We have had clients show up wearing boots, blue jeans and white shirts. Others don’t seem to have thought about it at all. Long sleeves for everyone will eliminate some problems with the final look of the image. Bare arms can be a distraction, although in the heat of summer may be the only way to go. Stripes or anything busy is never good. Wearing dark clothing with a dark background, and light colored clothing against a light background are both equally difficult to photograph.  We want you the client to be the focal point of the image, not the background.  You should be comfortable but not be all like a cookie cutter image. Complimentary colors will work well.

Some times there are no right or wrong things to wear. School colors are always good for the High School Seniors. Other times the weather can be a consideration.

More later thanks !

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